Turnkey Military Camps for Deployed Operations

Weatherhaven’s prefabricated softwall shelters and containerised expandable shelters are engineered to facilitate seamless mobility and redeployment for militaries stationed in remote locations anywhere on Earth. Domestic and international militaries and governments around the world rely on Weatherhaven to provide military camps that enhance the safety, comfort, and performance of their personnel.

We can manufacture military camps to any size or requirement, ranging from simple accommodation shelters to fully integrated stand-alone units, such as kitchens, ablutions, and command posts. We can also provide a complete turnkey camp, consisting of softwall shelters only, expandable containers only, or a combination of expandable containers with fabric structures.

Leading through innovation, modularity, scalability, interoperability

Let Weatherhaven design your entire camp infrastructure and take advantage of the modularity and scalability of our shelter systems. We standardise everything enabling you to connect any type Weatherhaven shelter with any other type of Weatherhaven shelter. Whether you deploy with one shelter or one thousand shelters you can be sure they will complex together in any way you like. Common power, lighting, and water connections add to this complete camp flexibility.

Recent Military Camps Projects

Here are just a few examples of how Military Camps has been successfully delivered to some of our military clients.

Camp Julien, a 2000 person camp in Afghanistan was a superb example of how Weatherhaven worked with and delivered to our military. The camp served us excellently for several years in this desert environment.

Commander, Canadian Forces
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