Tactical Redeployable Expanding Container Configuration™ – Pallet (TRECC-P™)

The TRECC-P Tactical Expandable Shelter is Weatherhaven’s minimal logistical footprint, expanding palletised shelter. In transportation configuration it fits onto a 463L transport aircraft pallet but upon deployment expands to 3 times the floor area and volume in less than 10 minutes. As a flexible and agile building block the TRECC-P Tactical Expandable Shelter can be configured to provide numerous logistical and support options to defence forces, emergency services and commercial organisations.

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  Packed Deployed
2,642 mm
(104 in)
2,642 mm
(104 in)
2,134 mm
(84 in)
4,629 mm
(182 in)
1,524 mm
(60 in)
2,421 mm
(95 in)
Tare Weight
1000 kg
(2,205 lbs)
Payload Volume
8.6 m3
(303 ft3)
Deployed Volume
 29.6 m3
(1046 ft3)
Deployed Floor Area
12.2 m2
(132 ft2)

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Recent TRECC-P Tactical Expandable Shelter Projects

Here are just a few examples of how TRECC-P Tactical Expandable Shelter has been successfully delivered to some of our military clients.

I would just like to complement you and the Weatherhaven team on the drying room and Series 4 shelters that you supplied to us. These are brilliant shelters for the job and have withstood some “windy” days without a murmur.

Project Manager, South Georgia Islands
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