Turnkey Polar Camps for Resource Exploration, Research and Leisure

Weatherhaven’s prefabricated soft-shell shelters are engineered to facilitate redeployment for research and exploration in the extreme cold climates of the Polar regions. Organisations around the world rely on Weatherhaven to provide polar shelter and polar camps that enhance the safety, comfort and performance of their personnel.

Leading through innovation

Each Polar camp is customized to suit your operational requirements, transport logistics and budget. Weatherhaven’s experienced designers and engineers will work with you to ensure everything meets your specifications. As part of your camp definition we consider a number of factors, including: Type of Deployment: Short-term, Semi-Permanent & Permanent, Transportation & Logistics, Number & Types of Occupants, Term & Duration of Occupancy, Relocation Capability Required, Compliance to Relevant Codes. We can manufacture any size or type of Polar camp you need, ranging from simple accommodation shelters to fully functioning kitchens and ablutions.

Polar Camp Projects

Here are some examples of Polar camp projects that we have delivered.

The Endurance shelter loaned to us was quite literally a life-saver when a storm blew in with gusts of over 90mph.

Leo Houlding, Climber and Adventurer

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