HERCon™ Expandable Shelter

The HERCon ™ hard-walled expandable shelter offers end users the benefits of cost-effective deployable semi-permanent infrastructure. In transportation mode it confirms to all certified ISO shipping standards, but upon deployment expands to 3 times the floor area and volume in 20 minutes. As a platform for cost-efficient global deployments the HERCon can be configured in multiple configurations with simplicity, robustness, reliability, and maintainability at its very core.

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Packed Deployed
6,096 mm
(240 in)
6,096 mm
(240 in)
2,438 mm
(96 in)
6,400 mm
(253 in)
2,438 mm
(96 in)
2,438 mm
(96 in)
Tare Weight
(8,500 lbs)
Payload Volume
33.2 m3
(1,172 ft3)
Deployed Volume
90 m3
(3,178 ft3)
Deployed Floor Area
39 m2
(420 ft2)

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Recent HERCon Expandable Shelter Projects

Here are just a few examples of how HERCon Expandable Shelter has been successfully delivered to some of our military clients.

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