Series 4 Shelter

The Series 4 shelter is a light-weight, rapidly deployable shelter that has proven long-term performance in all weather conditions within the harshest environmental regions of the world.

The outstanding performance of the Series 4 shelter has generated a loyal list of end users including military organisations, commercial organisations and global polar research institutes.

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Model Width Height At Peak
Series 4A 8′ (2.44m) 7′ (2.14m)
Series 4A 10′ (3.05m) 7′ (2.14m)
Series 4A 12′ (3.66m) 7′ (2.14m)
Series 4A 14′ (4.27m) 8’4″ (2.53m)
Series 4A 16′ (4.88m) 9’3″ (2.82m)
Series 4S 18′ (5.49m) 10’6″ (3.20m)
Series 4S 20′ (6.10m) 11’10” (3.60m)
Series 4S 22′ (6.71m) 15’10” (4.82m)
Series 4S 24′ (7.32m) 11’10” (3.60m)
Series 4S 26′ (7.93m) 17’4″ (5.28m)
Series 4S 30′ (9.15m) 16’4″ (4.97m)

A – Aluminium structure,  S – Steel structure

The length is unlimited in increments of 4′ (1.22m).

Recent Series 4 Shelter Projects

Here are just a few examples of how Series 4 Shelter has been successfully delivered to some of our military clients.

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