Tactical Redeployable Expanding Container Configuration™ – Trailer (TRECC-T™)

The TRECC-T is Weatherhaven’s latest innovative tactical, trailer-mounted expanding shelter. Agile and robust, it is operated directly from a NATO standard LTT-HC trailer and can be deployed by two personnel in less than 5 minutes. The TRECC-T can be configured to provide numerous self-sufficient capability options such as a command and control unit, forward medical facility, staff working environment and workshop facility.

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0 person
0 m3

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Packed Deployed
2,260 mm
(89 in)
2,260 mm
(89 in)
2,134 mm
(84 in)
4,552 mm
(179 in)
1,448 mm
(57 in)
2,320 mm
(91 in)
Tare Weight
907 kg
(2,000 lbs)
Payload Volume
7.0 m3
(247 ft3)
Deployed Volume
 23.9 m3
(843 ft3)
Deployed Floor Area
10.3 m2
(111 ft2)

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Recent TRECC-T Projects

Here are just a few examples of how TRECC-T has been successfully delivered to some of our military clients.

A multi-capable platform able to provide deployable infrastructure within minutes of deploying.
AWE representative, Army Warfighting Experiment 2020
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